Jesus is love, mercy, and forgiveness

This is what I came to realize. Not from the Bible or the word of our Pastor. But through experience…
The past two weeks I have been in a good mood. But I had to face some difficulties too. As usual I was like: Why is this happening to me?

But Jesus has his ways and his reasons. I discovered what he was trying to tell me: “Accept who you are, you are good enough.” This was so beautiful. I love him so much! And I also love his story. All those beautiful metaphors. It’s lovely.

I hope to inspire at least one person to reach out to Jesus, read the New Testament and experience his LOVE, MERCY and FORGIVENESS.

Thanks for reading and showing interest.
Blessings and have a lovely day!

I have been blessed!

Today was a special day for me. God has given me a lot of positive energy.
I don’t know where to start to be honest. It was so much! Last Sunday I went to church. And the message of that day was so inspiring. It was about how we should not lose faith and hope or give in to negativity. One of the things our pastor explained was. How the bad works it’s way into our lives.

He basically said: The bad first, separates you from the herd. And then it eats you up!
I find this to be true. When we face difficulties that drain our energy and take away our hopes. We tend to withdraw from ‘the herd’. We cancel dates with our friends and family because we are tired and unwell. We skip church and we crawl back into our comfort zones, where we are, alone…

And once we are alone, separated from the herd. We are an easy target for the bad. Bad thoughts and negativity that influence our behavior creep up on us. In difficult times, it is important to stay with ‘the herd’. Where we are safe and protected. To reach out to God, our Savior Jesus Christ and our friends and family.

This message from the pastor really touched my heart and healed a part of me. I feel so very blessed. Tonight in prayer I will express my gratitude.

Wishing you all a great night and lot’s of blessings!
Thanks for reading and showing interest.

Celebration: Free At Last #2

Today’s Celebration was about how we sometimes lose our passion and become afraid. This is what I learned about that:

Don’t lose your passion and faith. It opens the door to negativity. When you lose your passion and faith and open the door to negativity you may have to face fear, isolation, giving up, and feelings of emptiness. When you are dealing with these four things, you are an easy pray for the bad in this world. Needless to say: it’s important to stay positive and to not give up hope. If you happen to deal with these four things anyway. Connect with God and Jesus, pray, read the Bible and don’t lose your faith! And most importantly, don’t isolate yourself! Keep seeing your friends and family and don’t stop going to church.

So long story short: When you lose hope and want to give up: Don’t. Have faith in the Lord and his perfect timing. Stay strong and don’t isolate yourself. Keep seeing your friends and family and don’t stop going to church or reading the Bible. Keep connecting with God and Jesus and everything will fall into place.

It was a wonderful Celebration. Already looking forward to next Sunday!

Mental and physical health

Today I took a major step in my life. I went to the gym and decided to take better care of my body. Which will be a benefit for my mind too eventually. I wrote a quote about mental and physical health:

“Make your mental and physical health a priority. Because this is one of God’s priorities too when it comes to your personal life. God wants you to take good care of yourself as he likes to see you healthy and happy.”

If I were to inspire just one person with this quote to start giving him or herself the best, that would be awesome!

Today I went to the gym with a friend from church. Last week she offered to take me with her. I accepted this offer. I can’t express how grateful I am to her for this. She helped me taking this huge step in my life. This friend of mine is a great example of how I want to be. She lost more then 40 kg in 2 years herself and looks and feels great right now!

So if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle and you want to change. But you feel anxious to go to the gym or to start living healthy. Don’t hesitate to discuss your struggles with a friend, or anyone! You are not in this alone. Of course God is always with you too.

Thanks for reading and showing interest. Blessings!

You'll always get what you need

Last year God took away some hopes and dreams from me. At first I felt sad and discouraged. Even confused. But near the end of the year I came to understand he did this to help me. I didn’t want the right things for me. He merely showed me the right path. He gave me different dreams instead. Better ones! This whole situation made me come up with a quote:

“When God takes things away from you. It’s for your own good. Trust that he only does this with things that don’t contribute to your health and happiness. Not all wishes can be granted. But we can always count on God to give us what we need. Let’s be grateful…”

Last quote of the day. Have a good night everybody!

Thank you for reading and showing interest. Blessings!

A forgiving heart is rewarded

Just now a quote came to mind:

“When someone keeps hurting you. Create distance and do what you must to protect yourself. But forgive. Like Jesus. Pray for the ones that have wronged you in ways. Pray for their personal growth and mental health. God will reward your good intentions and forgiving heart.”

We are all hurt by others. But don’t let anyone manifest hatred in your heart and soul. Forgive the ones that hurt you and pray for them. You may pray for healing from what is making them hurt you and/or other people… Don’t let anyone change the good aspects of your character. I believe we should all stay kind.

Thanks for reading and showing interest! Blessings!

Don't be too afraid of sin

From experience I can tell you it is quite difficult to always please the Lord with nothing but good deeds and thoughts. Frankly, it is impossible. For a while I have been very afraid of sinning or having sinful thoughts. But eventually I came to realize that some of the errors I make on my path and the negative thoughts I have, are nothing compared to the actual problems and issues God needs to deal with. An inspirational quote came to mind:

“When there is no cruel intention behind what your are doing, and it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else. God is cool with it. Don’t be too afraid of sinning and sinful thoughts. God is too busy working his magic all over the world to judge everything that you doing or thinking. Relax…”

I wrote this for you and for myself. To take away some potential stress. Fly!
Thanks for reading and showing interest. Blessings!